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Member Action Needed!! You Are Urged To Sign This State Petition Re: Dangerously Low Staffing In Our Facilities

July 6, 2021

Dear COBA Members/Retirees and Your Families;

At the bottom of this email you will see a link to an online petition that The Downstate Correction Coalition created which, once completed, will be forwarded to the Chairpersons of the NY State Senate and Assembly's Correction Committees. It addresses an urgent issue that we in Corrections across the State are all facing, which is dangerously low staffing levels in all of our respective Agencies after the implementation of Bail/Discovery Reform laws and changes to Minimum Standards by the NYS Commission of Correction.

All of our respective municipalities' failures to address staffing and dangerous levels of forced overtime are proof positive that these issues are not related solely to social agendas. It is about saving money on the cost of incarceration.

We sincerely ask that all of our Members and their loved ones sign this petition. We will then send it to the New York State Senate and Assembly Corrections Committees. We intend to force them to recognize that in their roles, they must address the fact that they represent us as Law Enforcement Officers and municipal employees and that their constituents are not just the criminals who are incarcerated in our facilities. They represent us as well.

Our health and safety must be made a priority. Dangerous staffing levels and lack of training must be addressed.

In the body of the petition you will see statements from the Union Presidents of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, New York City and NY State Corrections on this very important and urgent issue that we are all facing. Staffing is not just a Nassau County issue. It is a concerted effort across the State that is aimed at saving on the cost of incarceration, that has only backfired with levels of forced overtime that have not been seen in decades. Not since our facilities were overcrowded during the Aids and Crack Epidemics of the 80s and 90s.

Click the link below and please sign the petition along with your loved ones.

Make sure your voices are heard that attention needs to be paid to staffing and security in our Jails and Prisons. Enough of the Hug a Thug mentality in this State. Its time to start addressing the needs of the people who run these facilities and the public that we protect every day.

Always in Unity;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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