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Welcome to the Nassau COBA Website!!

Nassau COBA represents approximately 1500 Active and Retired Nassau County Correction Officers through the ranks of Recruit, Officer, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain. Our mission is the complete and general organization of all these titles within the Nassau County Sheriffs Department, working together in their common interest regarding all matters of their employment.

This association strives to promote the advancement of the principles of Collective Bargaining by serving as its sole bargaining agent, safe guarding our rights as Public Employees. We also engage in Civic, Cultural, Educational and Political activities that serve in the best interest of our Members.

Working in Corrections is one of the most challenging and frustrating careers in Law Enforcement. Correction Officers are not only tasked with keeping the peace within our jurisdiction, we are also called on to be Counsellors, Teachers, and sometimes act as Clergy to the people who are committed to our custody. I personally believe it to be the toughest job in Law Enforcement, where the best weapon at our disposal is the one between our ears. The rewards can be few for those who choose this career, but the bottom line is simple. Without Correction Officers keeping the danger away from your door, how safe would our society really be?

I hope our Members find the information contained in this website informative and educational as well as a good resource tool to be informed of their rights as Public Employees, and I hope the public finds information on this portal to be insightful as to who our Correction Officers are, what we do, and the valuable essential task we perform every day.  

Thank You,
Brian Sullivan, COBA President  

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Widow's &
Children's Fund

The Nassau COBA Widows and Children's Fund was established in 2006 to benefit the families of deceased Nassau County Correction Officers who died while in active service in the Department. Since its inception, this fund has distributed over $59,000 to the widows and/or spouses of our brother and sister correction officers who have unexpectedly left us too soon. These payments are made at the time of their death to help defray some of the funeral-related costs.

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Correction Officers
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