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Reminder: 9/11 Memorial Tree Fundraising Raffle a Huge Success!!

December 9, 2020

Dear COBA Members and Retirees;

The following is a message from Correction Officer Jon Donohue of the Nassau COBA Widow's and Children's Fund.

"The 9/11 Memorial Tree Fundraising Raffle was an amazing success. After credit card processing fees and recouping money that was laid out for the raffle prizes, we were able to net over $15,000 for this project.

A special shout-out goes to Sgt. Eugene O'Brien and Sgt. Greg Lanning on their friendly competition to see who could raise the most money. They were able to get a lot more of our members to donate from their competition.

Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, and promoted the raffle."


A great job by all in this effort. This is a very worthy cause that will Memorialize all those who sacrificed so much. Congratulations to all the winners.

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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