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Remembering Our Fallen Corrections Brothers on 9/11

September 10, 2023

Dear COBA Members/Retirees;

As we mark the 22nd Anniversary of the terrible events that occurred on September 11th, 2001, please take a moment to remember all those we lost then, and those lost since to illnesses and conditions related to toxic exposure on that terrible day and during the weeks and months afterward.

For our part, please always remember the ultimate sacrifice made by our own Brothers after they selflessly participated in the Rescue and Recovery operation in an effort to help complete strangers.

Sgt. Mark Baxter

Officer Lawrence Lamme'

Sgt. Kevin Nuckel

Officer Mark Ridge

Corporal Brian Holt

Officer Derek Bullock

Officer Alan Glueckert

Former Nassau Correction Officer Timothy Haskell (FDNY)

Former Nassau Correction Officer Eric Contreras (NCPD)

May God Bless them all, and protect their families and loved ones as well as all those still suffering and dealing with 911 related conditions to this day.

Always Remember;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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