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**Important** Why Nassau DA's Race Is So Critical to Nassau Correction Officers

October 31, 2021

Dear COBA Members/Retirees;

You all know what the changes to Bail and Discovery laws did to the Criminal Justice System in New York. You should also know certain politicians in our State Government are openly disparaging and working against those of us in Law Enforcement.

Just look at the demoralizing issues our brothers and sisters in City and State Corrections have had to deal with. All while these same politicians seem to be only working for the benefit of criminals in New York. Where is the outcry for Victims Rights? Where is the plan to get guns off the streets? We also know that moderate politicians in this State have done little to fight back against this anti-law and order sentiment.

Who played a huge part in the creation of this mess put in place by State Politicians? Sen. Todd Kaminsky, that's who.

COBA and the Downstate Correction Coalition fought against Todd Kaminsky and several other members of the NYS Senate numerous times to stop the implementation of Bail and Discovery Laws that have taken such a dramatic toll on the residents of this State. Kaminsky played a key role in why this State is such a mess now.

Kaminsky also supported taking away YOUR Rights as Law Enforcement Officers in NYS by voting to repeal Civil Rights Law 50a. He also supports and voted for HALT Legislation, that will prevent us from being able to use Administrative Segregation beginning in 2022, making Jails much more dangerous.

Do you want the man that voted to take away your Civil Rights on behalf of Inmates and criminal defense lawyers to be the top law enforcement officer in Nassau County,?

In charge of the following?

1.) Access to your Personnel Files and personal information?

2.) Inmate assault cases against you?

3.) Frivolous inmate complaints against you?

3.) Use of Force cases?

If anyone is telling you that the DA's race in Nassau County this year is not that big a deal, THEY ARE 100% WRONG!!


Get off your ass on Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 2nd, or during Early Voting and make sure to vote against this clown show!!

Urge your friends and family to do the same.

I don't care what your political affiliations are.

Todd Kaminsky does not deserve to be the Nassau DA.

Nassau Correction Officers cannot afford to have him elected as the next DA.

Anne Donnelly is Pro Law Enforcement. She has worked in Nassau County over 30 years. She knows what we deal with in this Jail, and has always supported us in countless cases.

This is the most important election race we've seen in Nassau County in many years.


Always In Unity;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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