President's Message

Election Wrap Up/Looking Ahead

November 3, 2021

Dear COBA Members/Retirees;

Needless to say, a Red Wave swept across Long Island and other parts of the country last night, as Republican and Conservative Candidates swept to election victories across the Island taking almost every major seat. The Republican majority Nassau Legislature gained one seat officially and possibly two more as absentee ballots are counted, potentially giving them a Supermajority in the Legislature.

As an example, for the first time in over 25 years Republicans took over the Town of North Hempstead, leaving a long held Democratic stronghold stunned.

I'm very happy to state that COBA's strongly backed Candidate Anne Donnelly won a huge victory over Todd Kaminsky who conceded the District Attorney's race this morning.

Donnelly's win is without a doubt a huge win for our Officers in these times, as we will not have to worry about a DA whose marching orders would be coming from City progressives that he is completely cowed by. Law and Order (Bail Reform in particular) was obviously the major topic of these races, along with what we are told was a trickle down of distaste for National and State Agendas related to COVID issues.

Anne Donnelly reached out to me several times last night and again today, asking me to thank all of our members and our union for all the support we gave her, stating that she knows us and will always support us.

Now, onto the County Exec's race.

Surprisingly, Laura Curran who was touted to win with big numbers is apparently on the losing end of her election today.

If this win for Republican Bruce Blakeman holds true, there will most likely be major changes happening all over the county starting in January. This race took a lot of people by surprise and its going to be very interesting to see how the County's playing field will sort out.

It will also be very interesting to see how our current outstanding issues play out as we continue our contract negotiations and longevity issues etc.

Also, please, with regard to any rumors that you're hearing?

Remember on thing, they are just that, rumors.

Dont put any credence into any rumors being spread around until we know how things are going to vet out. This election is one day old.

A lot of different things are going to happen in the next weeks and months. On the heels of our recent great win with the NYS Governor signing our Pension Bills, COBA's number one priority is negotiating a fair contract for our members. Dont let rumors and nonsense cloud your judgement with the issues that really matter to all of us.

For now, rest assured that COBA will continue to fight on your behalf for all of our employment related issues as we navigate things moving forward.

Always In Unity;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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