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COBA Widows and Childrens Committee Dedicates New 911 Memorial Tree And Monument

September 11, 2021

Friday Sept. 10th, on the eve of the 20th Anniversary of the 911 Terrorist Attacks, the COBA Widows and Childrens Committee dedicated our new 911 Memorial Tree and Monument in honor of all those lost on 911 and all those still suffering today. Particularly those of our ranks in the Dept of Corrections who either perished that terrible day, or passed from 911 related illnesses in the intervening years.

The Monument was unveiled in a moving ceremony attended by the families of our own who passed from 911 related issues including the Nuckel Family, the Lamme' Family, the Baxter Family and the Contreras Family. Dozens of our active members were in attendance, along with retirees, other Law Enforcement Unions and local political leaders.

The Memorial Tree is a sapling from a severely damaged tree at Ground Zero, that was rehabilitated and returned to the Ground Zero Memorial in 2010.

Each year, saplings from that original Callery Pear Tree are grown and given to communities to serve as symbols of resiliency and hope.

COBA wishes to thank Sheriff Dzurenda for dedicating the grounds and location for the placement of the this new Memorial.

Thank you to the Levittown and East Meadow Fire Depts for providing their Tower Trucks, draping a huge American Flag as a backdrop for the ceremony.

Thank you to Sheriffs Dept Pipers, Correction Officer Anthony O'Brien and Deputy John Milton.

Thank you to Vic MIllman, Jami Romaine, Kelly Mankowski and Pat Manganaro for running the day's event, as well as the entire Widows and Childrens Committee for organizing the day. Thank you Fred McFarland for a moving vocal performance. And, a special Thank You to Officer Jon Donohue for spearheading and organizing this event from the very beginning.

COBA has been at the forefront of issues related to protecting and remembering our 911 Heroes, victims and their families. Both those who have passed and those who still deal with health issues to this day. Our Widow's and Children's Committee did us proud with this dignified and fitting tribute.

Correction Officers shined bright in formulating this Memorial, representing who we are, what we do and our humanity in remembering our Heroes and their families. Great job by all involved.

See photos of the Memorial below:

Always In Unity;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President

Nuckel and Lamme' Families

Correction Sergeant Chris Contreras, Brother of former Correction Officer and Nassau County Police Detective Eric Contreras, shown here with his sisters.


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