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COBA President's Testimony at Public Safety Hearing on Jail Mgmt at Nassau Legislature 12/14/22

December 15, 2022

Video of Testimony From The Nassau County Legislature's Public Safety Cmte Hearing on Jail Management 12/14/22

Dear COBA Members;

See below videos of all of the testimony at yesterday's Public Safety Hearing on Jail Management at the Nassau County Legislature 12/14/22.

The first video is of COBA President Brian Sullivan testifying on conditions and problems we face at the Jail starting with the return of Mike Sposato as Correction Commissioner.

The second video is testimony from numerous County Officials who try (not very successfully) to defend what is habitually wrong with the Management of this Dept.

Along with testimony from the Nassau County Civil Liberties Union, regarding inmate treatment.

The third video is COBA President Sullivan's rebuttal of the County Officials testimony.

We urge all our Members to view and stay updated on all these issues as they relate to you and the constant fight we face as Nassau County Correction Officers.

See below testimony from County Officials and the Nassau County ACLU

See below COBA President Sullivan's Rebuttal to County Official's Testimony


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