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COBA Life Insurance Dependent Enrollment Drive

June 9, 2023

If you have not enrolled your spouse or children now is the time !!

All Nassau COBA members have $15,000 in Basic Life Insurance from MetLife for themselves and their spouse. Applicable children have $5,000 in coverage. When a member gets married or has a child they have 30 days of open enrollment to add their dependent. After 30 days, even for the basic coverage a medical questionnaire may be required.

There will be Open Dependent Enrollment for Basic Coverage until Friday July 14, 2023. Members must enroll their spouse and or any dependent children if they have not done so. Members must notify COBA when they get married or have a child, dependents are NOT automatically enrolled. Any claim for a dependent that is NOT enrolled will be denied.

Members are also encouraged to use this opportunity to update their Beneficiary information. Attached below is the COBA Beneficiary Update Form.

Print the form attached below to enroll your spouse and or children and to update your beneficiary information.

Please have the completed form returned to the COBA office either in person or by mail by Friday July 14th. Forms will be available and can be submitted at the June 26th General Membership Meeting as well. Feel free to contact COBA Secretary Brian Wise (516) 937-7800 with any questions or concerns or to apply for Supplemental Life Insurance Coverage.

COBA Beneficiary Update Form


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