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COBA ALERT: Death Notification Andres J Vargas

June 15, 2024

Dear COBA Members,

Unfortunately, at this time, COBA must report to the membership the untimely passing of Correction Officer Andres J Vargas who was appointed to the Nassau County Sheriff's Department on October 2, 2006 and was most recently assigned to Platoon 1.

As we do not have any further information at this time, the COBA Board ask the membership to be respectful and sensitive to the Vargas Family and Friends during this difficult time.

As this incident will effect all of us in different ways, we encourage any MEMBER to seek any assistance needed through our Employee Assistance Program through Officer Joesph Collins (516) 987-5553 or NCSD Health & Wellness and Peer Support through Corporal Jonathan Donohue (516) 524-7767.

You can also contact any member of the Union Executive Board at any time and we will facilitate any resources you may require.

In Solidarity,

COBA Board


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