President's Message

Why COBA Supports Anne Donnelly For District Attorney--PLEASE READ!!

October 7, 2021

Dear COBA Members and Retirees;

In this year's election cycle COBA is concentrating on one MAJOR race in Nassau County. That race is for the office of Nassau District Attorney.

Why is this race so important to Correction Officers?

Bail Reform changed everything in New York State. Over 300 inmates were released from our Jail alone when Bail Reform took effect. Thousands were released across the State. This Union has been at the forefront of fighting Bail Reform legislation since the beginning. We were fighting it when Judges were simply releasing violent criminals starting a few years back. People thought we were lying to them and only advocating to keep people locked up so we could have job security. What nonsense. Look at what is going on in this State now.

There are 2 reasons why COBA is supporting Anne Donnelly.

First and foremost, Anne has been the Jail Liaison to the DA's office for many years. We have known and worked with her many times, prosecuting inmates who bring contraband into our facility and in cases where inmates have assaulted our Officers. She's always been a friend to us in Corrections.

Second: Her opponent in this race is current NYS Senator Todd Kaminsky.

Not only does Sen. Kaminsky hold the distinction of having supported the Bail Reform Laws he also helped write the law.

Not only that. Kaminsky also supported and voted to repeal NYS Civil Rights Law 50a. This is the law that protected Law Enforcement Officers personal information from being released to dangerous criminals and their attorneys. Kaminsky voted to take away our Civil Rights as Law Enforcement Officers.

If Todd Kaminsky is elected as District Attorney, Nassau will become the 6th Borough of New York City when it comes to law and order.

He is firmly embedded with NY City and Albany "Hug a Thug" politicians who have no regard for those of us in uniform.

Remember!! Kaminsky voted to take away YOUR Civil Rights when he voted to repeal 50a. And, he wrote the Bail Reform Law that emptied out Jails all over New York State.

Anne Donnelly has always backed us 100% in Nassau Corrections.

We need to return the favor and we need to protect ourselves by helping to get her elected.

COBA needs all of our Members to do 2 simple things:

1.) Put an "Anne Donnelly For DA" lawn sign in your front yard and;

2.) Get out and vote for Anne Donnelly on November 2nd and;

3.) Get your friends and family out to vote for Anne Donnelly on Nov. 2nd.

It's as simple as that.

We cant do it alone. YOU MUST DO YOUR PART.

Between Active and Retired Members, COBA represents over 1500 people.

If we each get one additional person to vote in this election, that equates to over 3000 votes and so on and so on......

Thats how we get people elected in Nassau County.

To Reserve Your Lawn Sign/s:

Simply call the union office at 516-937-7800

or email us at:

We will get them for you, your family and friends.

Get Involved!!

Always in Unity;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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