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WAGE AND HOUR LAWSUIT And PeopleSoft Payroll Records

October 31, 2022

Dear COBA Members;

Several members have advised the union that their online PeopleSoft Payroll Records show a payment line related to the County's current settlement offer of an FLSA lawsuit. The same settlement COBA has advised that the County is requesting a waiver be signed before receiving any monies.

Some members have expressed concern that the payment has been made through the payroll system without signing the waiver.

COBA has verified through County payroll that although PeopleSoft is showing this line in the system, this payment will not actually be made to any member unless the requested waiver is signed.

All proposed payments related to this settlement were tentatively processed on paper checks and delivered to the County Attorneys Office pending receipt of the individual waiver forms. No payment would be made through Direct Deposit.

We once again advise that all members have the right to sign and accept this payment, but please understand on advice of our attorneys, that by accepting this payment and signing the waiver, you may adversely affect your standing in the larger FLSA lawsuit pending against the County since the waiver language covers much of the same time period.

The Union cannot tell you to not accept this payment. That is your choice. But understand, if you sign the waiver for this case involving nominal payment amounts, you may harm your standing in COBA's larger FLSA case.  

Please contact us if you have any questions.  

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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