President's Message

Tentative Agreement Reached on Longevity for Nassau Unions

March 4, 2022

Dear COBA Members and Retirees;

Late yesterday, COBA along with Nassau's 4 other Unions (CSEA, PBA, SOA and DAI) representing all of Nassau County's workforce reached a tentative agreement on the long outstanding Longevity issue. As you know from previous emails, all of Nassau's Unions have been working closely together in unity to resolve this issue. We worked in solidarity to prevent years of future litigation, as occurred with the NIFA Wage Freeze Lawsuit, and to work toward a much better resolution than was had under that litigation. Remember, longevity was frozen under the NIFA wage freeze in 2011 and has been the subject of legal action since 2018 when that contract expired.

A Memorandum of Agreement with final language is currently being worked out by our Attorneys and that of the 5 other Unions, along with the County's Attorney. This may take a few days.

Once the final MOA is completed, informational meetings will be setup where all of our respective Memberships will be presented with that MOA and Fact Sheets explaining the details of the agreement.

The agreement would then need to be ratified by each of the Union's memberships.

We look forward to seeing you all at those informational meetings to discuss this long fought issue that will finally return longevity payments to our members.

Once we have the final MOA we will publish dates of the informational meetings.

Stay tuned for further information.

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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