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Temporary Changes To Payroll Advice Stubs

March 3, 2022

Dear COBA Members;

The County has notified the Unions representing all of Nassau's workforce that due to supply chain problems, the vendor that supplies the paper stock for payroll has advised that it will not be able to replenish the special paper stock used to print paychecks and pay stubs for at least 60-90 days. This paper stock has security features allowing it to be used for payroll purposes. The County has advised that it has a limited amount of this stock available and will only be able to print actual paychecks for County employees to ensure they are paid, but not paychecks and Direct Deposit Advice stubs together. Direct Deposit Advice stubs at this time will have to be printed on legal paper that will then be distributed to County employees in sealed envelopes.

Peoplesoft remains the best option for employees to securely view and print their paycheck advices and any supplemental check advice.

The County is looking for alternatives to this problem during these troubling times and offers the following solutions to the County's workforce:

1.) Submit a Direct Deposit Request Form. This is for anyone who is still currently receiving an actual paper paycheck who would like to participate in Direct Deposit. To be enrolled in Direct Deposit, the Direct Deposit Form needs to be completed and returned to Departmental Human Resources along with a copy of your proof of account (ex: a voided check or other bank verification).

2.) Submit an Electronic Direct Deposit Advice Enrollment Form. This form is for anyone who has Direct Deposit and also receives a printed copy of the check stub.

To receive your Direct Deposit Advice electronically, and no longer receive a printed copy, complete and remit the forms to HR for processing.

We'll keep you informed of any changes or updates to this problems as more information becomes available.

See example copies of the above referenced forms below.

Brian Sullivan, COBA President


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