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Retro Money Update

April 15, 2024

As many of you have seen and for those of you who haven’t, The Office of the Comptroller sent out an email at 4:33pm stating that they are actively working on CSEA’s Retro and thus COBA’s has been pushed back to June. This email was the first time COBA was notified by the Comptroller’s Office of any issues with the Retro Payment.

I was told in February by the Comptroller herself that COBA would be receiving their Retro monies in April and as such, informed the membership in an effort to be fully transparent.

On a regular basis COBA contacted the County to inquire and were told each time that we were still on track for April, clearly these were all LIES, and we were being strung along.

We are now being told that due to the complexity and size of CSEA, they are encountering issues as well as that once a Union is started to be entered into the program, they have to complete it before the next Union can be entered.

So apparently this great program they have can only handle one Union at a time.

I made everyone aware, in our contract it stated that Retro monies would be paid out 60 days after ratification as so far as practical. Once that date passed COBA immediately filed legal action, stating that the County did not do everything practical to live up to the terms of the contract and are seeking the highest interest allowed by law.

However, until we receive the actual Retro, we can’t seek monetary damages because no one knows when the actual date will be received and how long the interest we are seeking will be accumulated for.

To you the membership, I want to apologize. This email is one I never thought I would have to send out. Since I took office, I have tried to be open and transparent. I have worked and fought each an everyday along with the rest of the Executive Board to ensure our contract was fulfilled. Unfortunately, I took people in elected office at their word and truly believed that we were going to get our Retro when I was told. Clearly that isn’t the case and as it is becoming all too familiar, it’s a “hurry up and wait”.

Rest assured the entire COBA Board and I will not sit by and allow this to continue. When I get more information, I will pass it along to you.

Pete LiLLi




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