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Election Day Is Fast Approaching It's Time To Be Educated and Involved!

October 27, 2020

Dear COBA Members and Retirees;

Election Day is next Tuesday November 3rd.

You all know the issues very well. Law Enforcement and Public Safety took a beating these past 2 years by our very own elected officials in New York State. Bail Reform and Discovery Reform as well as numerous other pieces of legislation were rammed through the NYS Legislature by people who hate Law Enforcement and obviously have no regard for Public Safety. This is evidenced by skyrocketing crime statistics especially in New York City, but also in Nassau County where the Police Commissioner himself and the District Attorney's Office stated on the record at the Nassau Legislature that crime is "up up up" in all categories. We border NYC and know full well that what happens in NYC also flows into Nassau County, along with all of our own issues that we have to contend with.

That is why everyone who reads this needs to take the upcoming election very seriously and get involved in the process.  

Over the next several days leading up to the election, COBA will be out in force walking our local Senate and Assembly Districts and delivering election literature to the voters. We need to do our best to educate the public via Social Media and deliver that information via literature drops directly to the voters as to what was done and who did it with regard to Public Safety.

We are concentrating our efforts on local Senate and Assembly races that cover Levittown, Hicksville, Bethpage, Farmingdale as well as Lynbrook, Malverne, Rockville Centre, Oceanside, Merrick, Baldwin and Freeport. These races concentrate on Sen. Todd Kaminsky, Sen. Kevin Thomas and Assemblywoman Judy Griffin. All outspoken supporters of Bail Reform, Discovery Reform and the like.

Our local communities are being victimized not just by criminals but by our State Representatives who opened the door.  

Our jail is more than half empty. Programs sit idle while drug addicts, dealers and the mentally ill are continually released back into our communities along with more dangerous criminals with no safety for them or the public.

This while the public is already contending with the COVID Pandemic.  

COBA will be out voicing our concern for our community and our job. You need to join with us and get the word out. This may very well get worse before it gets any better.

I urge all our members and retirees to get involved. Help us distribute literature informing the voters of exactly what was done, and most importantly inform your friends, family and neighbors about all of this and to get out and vote. Sitting at home bitching about it does absolutely nothing.

Get out and vote for Public Safety and those that support us. Our endorsement list was sent out a few weeks ago, we'll send it out again this week as a reminder.

If you want to help, call the Union office at 516-937-7800.

Always in Unity;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President  


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