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COBA Video Podcast Re Contract

August 18, 2022

Dear COBA Members;

Please take a few moments to watch the attached COBA Video Podcast that directly answers several questions that members have asked over the past several days with regard to the Contract proposal.  

Remember, we have additional membership meetings coming up for you to take part in the process and have all questions answered.

Tomorrow Friday Aug 19th we will conduct a meeting at the Levittown VFW Hall again on Hickory Lane at 11am. We are also scheduling meetings for next week.

We had hoped to conduct the Ratification Vote next Thursday August 25th, but due to a delay in processing and making sure we have Absentee Ballots available for members, it appears the vote will take place on Weds August 31st. Once that is confirmed, I will post the information for everyone.

Please stay alert for further information on meetings and the confirmed date of the Vote.

See the COBA Podcast Below:


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