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COBA Settles Long Standing Meal Relief Grievance with the County

January 28, 2023

Dear COBA Members;

COBA is pleased to announce that we have settled a long standing grievance with the Dept/County for when our Members are not provided with proper meal breaks.

Today we signed a Memorandum of Agreement on the Meal Relief/Meal Stipend Compensation issue.

In Grievance # SG-12-19 COBA Grieved that when Members did

not receive a meal break, they were not properly compensated for the

additional time worked and, when an actual meal was not provided,

Members were not given the proper Meal Stipend.

Today, we signed a Memorandum of Agreement directing the following:

1.) The County will make every effort to provide a meal break for each

and every member.

2.) From the Date of this Stipulation (1/27/23), when a COBA Member is

not provided a meal break, the County shall compensate that member

with (40) minutes of Compensatory Time (1 hour of Comp Time) for

every occurrence that the County is unable to provide a meal relief for

said member.

3.) Additionally, and pursuant to Sec.14b of the Contract, the County shall

pay the applicable (meal stipend) for actual meals not provided to

COBA Members.

4.) The terms of this agreement shall apply as of May 20th,2018.

Which means that from that date to the date of this Agreement, the

County shall credit to all COBA Members who were not provided a

meal break during that time, the Comp Time and Meal Stipend detailed

above, unless they were already provided.

COBA will make every effort to discover all affected Members who did not receive a meal break or meal stipend during that time so that they will be properly compensated and credited pursuant to this agreement.

If you believe that you were not credited with compensation for time lost when you were not provided a meal break, or with the proper meal stipend, please notify us in the COBA Office, to help us obtain your records.

This Memorandum resolves a long standing issue regarding the proper compensation of COBA Members when the County fails to provide proper meal breaks.

An additional settlement regarding the use of 207c on a Swap will be detailed in an email to follow.


Brian Doyle, COBA 3rd VP


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