President's Message

COBA President Addresses Legislature Re Law Enf Human Rights Bill and Opioid Settlement Fund

August 3, 2021

Dear COBA Members/Retirees;

Yesterday, in a marathon Legislative session, lasting over 12 hours in Mineola, two main issues affecting Nassau County Correction Officers were addressed.

First, was the proposed Anti-Discrimination/Human Rights Bill, that would provide Civil Remedies for Nassau County Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders when "Harrassed, Menaced or Assaulted (as defined in the Penal Law) by those who engage in riots or unlawful behavior". Several organizations were in attendance voicing opposition to this Bill, we believe due to the fact that the Bill's intent wasnt made clear that it only pertained to those engaging in unlawful behavior, not citizens engaging in righteous and peaceful protests. Unfortunately, also in attendance were individuals intent on disparaging those of us in Law Enforcement. Who's only purpose in being there yesterday was to disrupt the hearings and prevent any civil discourse or discussion on the matter.

The second issue pertained to the Court settlements of numerous Federal lawsuits against Opioid Drug Manufacturers and Distributors over the scourge of the Opioid Epidemic.

Nassau County will receive over $125 million dollars in this settlement and the Legislature has setup a "Special Fund" that will administer how that money will be allocated. I testified that the Nassau Correctional Facility and Sheriffs Dept is deserving of a good chunk of that money to provide for Inmate Drug Programs as well as numerous modes of Correction Officer Training in the fields supervising inmates who are suffering from the effects of Drug Abuse and Mental Health issues.

Please see below 3 videos of my testimony at yesterday's hearings as well as news coverage of the days events.

Always in Unity;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President

                                                  CBS News Coverage of Yesterday's Hearing

                 On The Nassau County Human Rights Bill for Nassau County Law Enforcement.

                                           COBA Testimony in Support of The Human Rights Law

COBA Testimony on the Federal Opioid Settlement Fund Demanding Inmate Nassau Jail Programs and Training for Correction Officers.


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