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COBA Board of Governors Addresses Nassau County Legislature

November 22, 2022

The entire Board of Governors of COBA Addressed the County Legislature yesterday regarding conditions and management at the Jail Facility. Hiring, staffing and security cuts under the management of Commissioner Mike Sposato took center stage.

We urge all our members to watch the enclosed videos of both your union exposing the problems that need to be addressed and the County's response given by Deputy County Exec Tatum Fox.

Due to yesterdays presentation, Nassau Legislators have called for a Public Safety Hearing on the Management of Commissioner Mike Sposato and the County's failure to properly hire and staff this Dept."

Click on Video Link below to see President Sullivan and the entire Board of Governors address the County Legislators.

                                                             Click on Video Link below to see Deputy County Executive Tatum Fox's response to Legislators.


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