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**ATTENTION** Testing Period of COBA's New Electronic Voting Will Be Extended

September 12, 2023

We Are Extending the Open Period for

COBA's Testing of Electronic Voting.

New Timeframe Will Be From

Weds Sept 13th at 0800 hrs to

Monday Sept 18th at 1700 hrs (5pm)

Dear COBA Members;

As outlined in my previous emails, COBA will be testing our new Electronic Voting Application. At the request of the Independent Election Committee the open period for COBA Members to participate in the Test Run of the Voting Application will be extended. The Test run will, as previously noted, begin at 0800 hours tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 13th. But, will now run continuously until completion on Monday Sept 18th at 1700 hours.

Once again to reiterate, a secure link will be sent to each COBA Member with a code assigned to that member individually.

You need to click on that link either in your email or on your cell phone at which time a ballot will appear and you can simply cast your vote acknowledging that you received the test and participated.

Using this new method, our Members are now able to vote even if you are away or on a day off. You don't need to report to the jail to participate and Absentee Ballots are unnecessary.

Again, the actual Test Ballot will be going out Wednesday morning Sept 13th at 0800 hours.

When you receive the test ballot simply click YES that you received it so that we may confirm your participation in this process. If you attempt to vote after 5pm on Monday Sept 18th, your vote will not register.


Brian Sullivan, COBA President




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