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2022 W-2 and GML207-c-Wages

January 17, 2023

Dear COBA Members;

The Union has received several calls from COBA Members who are currently out of work on GML207-c stating that taxes were withdrawn from their paycheck dated January 12, 2023. As you are aware, wages paid under GML-207c are tax exempt. Starting in 2017, the Nassau County Comptroller’s Office began paying members who utilized GML207-c benefits without any taxes withdrawn, when prior to 2017 any paid taxes under GML207-c would have to claimed in your taxes and received it in your tax returns.

Since we get paid 207c wages retroactively and due to the current payroll system design, the last pay period in December or the first in January, taxes have been withdrawn out of one or both of those pay periods. We recommend, when receiving your 2022 W-2, review carefully (for the entire year of 2022) and if you see any discrepancies regarding GML207-c payments you may need an amended W-2c. (Please be aware that when entitlements were used while out on GML207-c- i.e.: Vacation Leave, Personal Leave, Sick Leave, Compensatory Time, Holiday Comp Days etc. they are taxable wages)

If you would like an amended W-2c, please call me in the Union Office or send me an email at and I will request one from the Nassau County Comptroller’s Office on your behalf. Please include your name and Nassau County Employee ID Number in the email. Also, you could expect the amended W2-c in the mail in the later part of March, so set your tax appointment accordingly.  

Please submit all requests by February 17,2023

Be safe,

Dennis Maurus


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