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September 30, 2013

2013 Nassau COBA Endorsement List                   2013 Suffolk Corrections Endorsement List

Each year, your Union seeks to endorse and align ourselves with political candidates and elected officials who strive toward realizing a better quality of life for the residents in their community.

This year, your COBA Political Action Board invited every candidate that is running for a Nassau County elected office to participate in screening interviews in the COBA Office. These screening interviews gave the incumbents the opportunity to defend their voting records and political platform, as well as allowed the candidates the opportunity to express their political visions and ideas on how to address the issues affecting this County.  In total, almost 40 candidates participated in the interviews, scheduled over the course of 13 days in August and September. All elected officials and candidates who were seeking an endorsement by the Nassau County Sheriff's Correction Officers Benevolent Association must have attended a screening interview to even be considered for the COBA endorsement.

The candidates chosen to receive the COBA endorsement are supporters of all law enforcement who are knowledgeable and sympathetic of the issues that affect us as Nassau County Correction Officers and Correction Supervisors. It was also made clear to all of the candidates that were screened that in order to receive OUR endorsement, they could not in the past have voted in favor of the demotion of our Correction Corporals, the breaking open of our collective bargaining agreement, the laying off of over 400 CSEA employees and the closing of police precincts which jeopardized public safety in Nassau County. To be clear, we WILL NOT support candidates who do not support their Correction Officers and all of their County Employees.

Below is a list of the 2013 COBA endorsements for the Nassau County races only. The COBA endorsements for all Town and Judicial races will be released at a later date as the campaigns move closer to Election Day on November 5th. So on Tuesday, November 5th, when you go to the polls and exercise your constitutional right to vote, I urge you to cast your vote for these candidates that have received the COBA endorsement.  - John Jaronczyk, President

2013 Nassau COBA Political Candidates Endorsement List

*denotes incumbent


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