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FoxNews Covers COBA's HALT Legislation Fight

April 2, 2021

Dear COBA Members;

Following on my previous email regarding New York State's "HALT" Legislation, please take a moment and stay up to date on our fight over the State's continuous assault on Law Enforcement, and disregard for Public Safety overall.

An unchecked "one party rule" in Albany is apparently only working on behalf of criminals, with a current batch of nonsense that could dramatically alter our ability to use Administrative Segregation as a tool to keep our jails safe into the future.

Myself and our Coalition partners continue to plead our case to the public through FoxNews and other media outlets.

You will also see the fight that we are in, apparently includes other left leaning Unions in NYS who have interjected their public support of this nonsense. For example the "Communications Workers of America, District 1" who Tweeted their support for eliminating AdSeg in our Jails, claiming its "torture" urging the Governor to sign the bill. What this has to do with Communications Workers is beyond our comprehension. If you have family members or friends in Private Sector Unions who support this type of legislation, I urge you to educate them on what you do for a living and how these issues affect YOUR UNION JOB and YOUR SAFETY. We don't tell them how to get a dial tone on your phone, why are they advocating on behalf of violent predators in our jails??

See the full interview and story with FoxNews below, with more to come.

In Unity;

Brian Sullivan, COBA President

To Read the article on the Fox News website click the following link:


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