President's Message

President's Message

Federal Govt Makes Free At Home COVID-19 Tests Available

Every home in the US is now eligible to receive 4 free "At Home" COVID-19 Rapid Tests...

January 18, 2022

President's Message

Course Reimbursement Deadline For 2021 Is January 31st, 2022

If you took college classes in the year 2021 you may be eligible for Course Reimbursement. Please come into the Union Office to fill out the Course Reimbursement Application and the Claim Voucher...

January 16, 2022

President's Message

County Employee Mask Directive

This past week County Executive Blakeman signed Executive Order 3-2022, which directs in relevant part that "Nassau County Agencies cease all public place mask enforcement mandates and directives issued by the State of New York and previous Nassau County Administration"...

January 14, 2022

President's Message

COBA Wins at Arbitration Re: Computer Ops Seniority Case

COBA received a notice of Arbitration Victory dated 12/23/21 regarding our "Computer Operations Job Assignment Seniority Grievance"...

December 28, 2021

President's Message

Election Wrap Up/Looking Ahead

Needless to say, a Red Wave swept across Long Island and other parts of the country last night, as Republican and Conservative Candidates swept to election victories across the Island taking almost every major seat...

November 3, 2021

President's Message

**Important** Why Nassau DA's Race Is So Critical to Nassau Correction Officers

You all know what the changes to Bail and Discovery laws did to the Criminal Justice System in New York...

October 31, 2021

President's Message

Gov. Hochul Signs 2 Laws Directly Benefitting Nassau County Correction Officers

COBA is delighted to announce that New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has just signed TWO Bills into Law that will now provide much needed protections for Nassau County Correction Officers...

October 29, 2021

President's Message

VOTE NO On This Year's Election Ballot

With Election Day 2021 rapidly approaching and early voting already begun, it is important that we get our members out to vote...

October 28, 2021

President's Message

COBA Proudly Endorses the Following Political Candidates

Each year, COBA meets and screens candidates for Local, State and Federal Elections...

October 23, 2021

President's Message

Nassau Sheriffs Dept Begins New Chapter at the David S. Mack Training Facility

It'll never happen...

October 22, 2021

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